Brief Introduction of Jieyang City Library


Established in 1997, Jieyang City Library is a government-affiliated institution directly under the Press and Publication Bureau of Culture, Radio & Television. As one of the key projects of Jieyang City, the construction of the new building was approved by the city government and started in April, 2009. In October 2011, the main building was completed and met the acceptance standard. It opened to the public on Jaunary 29th, 2015.

The new building of Jieyang City Library is located in the Cultural Center District of Jieyang Airport Economic Zone, with an area of 35.51 acres and a total construction area of 11,602 square meters. The whole building is a Π-shaped with a five-floor building in the center and the four-floor buildings in the two wings. With red walls and green tiles, the building is a mixture of modern and classical styles, highlighting the local characteristics. With  Jieyang Television Station, City Museum, Youth Activity Center and so on situated nearby, a circular scenic zone is formed around the center square.

With modern management mode, which combines borrowing, reading and collecting books together, Jieyang City Library is adopted to achieve multi-function, multi-carrier, networking and intelligence. The library aims to become the document resources center, information service center, social education center and the key library. It is designed to house a total book collection of one million and seat up to 1500 readers to read, consult and for audio-visual purpose. There are various reading rooms with different subjects including social science, natural science, newspaper, local document, electronic reading and children's books. There are special rooms for children's activity and for the blind. There is also a multifunctional report hall with 356 seats, and a conference room, even a training classroom. A branch of “Guangdong mobile library” was set up here.

Jieyang City Library bears the mission of the construction of the spiritual civilization of our city to provide the cultural resources for the construction of a harmonious society and to make contributions to the construction of the new Jieyang.


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